We have always loved travel. Our first trip was two years overseas in 1976-77, coming home overland from Europe through Asia by public transport. Later we backpacked with our two children, and since retirement 17 years ago, have continued to travel regularly.

We used to backpack, using public transport and staying in cheap accommodation, but we now go a bit more upmarket as we have more money to travel, and are  getting older (66 and 74) and roughing it doesn’t appeal as much now.

We have been to 130+ countries, and are now revisiting some places. Whereas before we may have camped on the outskirts of the city, and cooked our own meals, we now like to stay right in the old section of the city, and try recommended restaurants. We have also started doing some houseswaps, which enables us to live like a local for a couple of weeks.

We had dozens of our blogs on travelpod, but unfortunately they closed last year, so we are slowly working out how to upload our blogs to wordpress.